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2009 Air Quality Services, LLC (AQS) announced the sale of Vectren Corporation’s ownership stake in AQS to Daniel L. Todd, effective Feb. 1, 2009. Environmental Management Consultants, Inc., retains the remaining ownership of the joint venture company.
2007 EMC celebrates it's 20th year of providing professional environmental services.
2006 Custom Contractors of Evansville, Inc. acquires additional office space adjacent to the EMC building for the expansion of professional environmental services.  This move effectively doubles the square footage of usable office space for the company.
2005 Custom Contractors of Evansville, Inc. which was originally founded in 1987 was re-opened as a property management company.
2003 EMC opens an office in Owensboro, Kentucky during July.
1999 Consortium for Environmental Risk Management, LLC was founded in May by Richard L. Reising.
1998 Air Quality Services, LLC was formed in November and is a joint venture between EMC and Vectren Corporation.
1997 Elite Environmental Services, Inc. was founded in June as a joint venture.
1995 EMC expands and opens offices in Indianapolis, Indiana and Troy Ohio.
1990 July of 1990, EMC moved from the west side of Evansville to a newly renovated office location in downtown Evansville.
1988 Environmental Management Consultants, Inc. was founded in February of 1988 by Richard L. Reising.  Its first office location was on Middle Mount Vernon Road on the West side of Evansville, Indiana.