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Brownfield Development

PRGOver the past several years, EMC has been involved with many brownfield projects including; Brownfield Site Assessment Grant Incentives (SAGI), Petroleum Remediation Grant Incentives (PRGI), Site Remediation Grants, Community Block Development Grants, American Recovery and Re-investing Act grants and the State Revolving Loan fund projects.  The redevelopment of brownfield properties boosts the local economies by providing jobs, increasing the tax base, reducing blight and improving resident’s quality of life by providing cleaner land and water. 

EMC has worked on several projects; Phase I ESAs, Phase II ESAs and remediation; at current, past and future industrial parks.  EMC has the knowledge base and experience to understand the potential contaminants of concern at these types of facilities and we have completed work on several properties that were former metal plating and drycleaning facilities.  We understand the environmental complexities that these types of facilities present. 

The staff at EMC takes great pride in our ability to match alternative sources of financing to brownfield properties that otherwise may be deemed ineligible for traditional grants.  These value added services serve to enhance the financial contributions from the state and federal grant dollars which means that additional economic development will occur within the target counties.

This previous experience has provided EMC with a comprehensive knowledge of the processes involved with identifying, assessing and remediating brownfield sites.  The knowledge gained through our collective experiences at both the field and regulatory levels supplies EMC with the insight needed to effectively evaluate the myriad of processes involved in any specific petroleum or hazardous substance brownfield site, including the RISC guidance documents. 

Speak to one of our project managers today by phone or e-mail for a confidential, no cost evaluation of your site.