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Former Greyhound Depot, Evansville, Indiana

Greyhound Station 1 Greyhound Station 2 Greyhound Station 3

ARRA Assistance Provided
Soil and groundwater investigation and remediation.

The site was an abandoned Greyhound Bus Depot that was used as a terminal and refueling station until 2007.  A confirmed release was reported during underground storage tank (UST) closure activities performed during 1992.  Three gasoline USTs were permanently removed and samples collected during closure activities indicated that soil had been impacted.  The property is currently owned by the Evansville Redevelopment Committee.

Current Status
Environmental Management Consultants, Inc. was awarded the contract to complete additional groundwater and soil sampling during 2009 to determine the extent of groundwater and soil contamination and to perform remediation of the site.  A total of over 900 tons of soil was excavated and three previously unknown USTs were located and removed from the site.  The site has been granted a “No Further Remedial Action Planned” letter by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

For More Information
Contact Tom Effinger at teffinger@emcevv.com or call (812) 424-7768.

Kenny Kent Petroleum Remediation Grant Incentive (PRGI)

The completion of the Kenny Kent Petroleum Remediation Grant Incentive (PRGI) project by EMC is likely the most successful project under the former PRGI brownfield program.  Environmental Management Consultants, Inc. was awarded the contract for this site after submittal of a competitive fixed fee bid following the program guidelines.

This site was the former location of a bus terminal and automobile dealership that contained a total of seven (7) underground storage tanks (USTs).  Each of the tanks was either removed or closed in place with residual contamination left in the tank pit.  Prior to the PRGI application, EMC provided assessment and investigative services for the city of Evansville, consistent with this request for qualifications, to evaluate this Brownfield site.

Within three (3) months of being given the notice to proceed for the project, EMC mobilized to the site, completed the remediation of the residual contaminated soils from the three (3) tank pits, collected confirmatory soil samples from the walls and floor of the excavations according to Indiana Risk Integrated System of Closure (RISC) sampling strategies, restored the site to owner specifications, prepared the written report for submittal to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and obtained a No Further Action letter from the state.  Since then, the buildings at the site have been demolished and the site is shovel ready for future development.

Wansford Yard Remediation by Innovative Techologies

The site is a former railroad maintenance yard on approximately 66 acres of land that is bordered by Pigeon Creek.  Besides the petroleum contaminants present from the historical land use as a rail yard, the property was also covered with coarse coal refuse and mining gob material (collectively called aggregates) from off-site mining activities.  The property had not been used since the 1970’s and had been used by vandals, homeless people and people making methamphetamine.  The City of Evansville purchased the property to be the location of a proposed wastewater treatment plant.  Parts of this project have been funded through money obtained through the State Revolving Loan Fund.

Approximately 360,000 cubic yards of cinder fill was determined to be within the boundaries of the site.  The thickness of the material ranged from a half of a foot at the limits of the fill to a maximum depth of 20 feet.  Various amounts of rubble and debris were also mixed with the cinder fill.  Several gullies had formed along the creek through the cinders where acid mine waters flowed into the creek.  The property also had many acres of land with stressed vegetation or areas where vegetation would not grow.

Several remedial methods were employed at this site.  Initially, the property was cleared, and all aboveground and underground structures from the rail yard facility were removed.  All of the gullies along the creek were repaired and stabilized.  An approximate volume of 2,220 tons of diesel contaminated soil was excavated and disposed of at a licensed facility.  The next phase involved removing approximately 81,583 cubic yards of aggregates from the wastewater treatment plant footprint and then placing this material in a berm that would surround the future wastewater treatment plant.  An approximate volume of 44,667 cubic yards of total petroleum hydrocarbon-impacted soil was then excavated and relocated into the berm.  The berm and the portion of the property outside of the plant footprint was covered with a layer of agricultural lime (to neutralize the aggregates) and then a 2 foot soil cover was placed over the top of the aggregates.  A borrow pond was constructed for fill and cover material, and several drainage features were installed to control the run-off from the property.  The property was then vegetated to provide erosion control and cap maintenance.  A No Further Action status has been issued from the State Clean-Up Branch.

Extreme Makeover Home EditionExtreme Makeover – Home Edition

Shawna Farina was an advocate for breast cancer awareness having grown up watching her mother battle breast cancer.  As of 2006, Shawna had raised over $449,000 through Relay for Life.  Prior to her 26th birthday, doctors confirmed that Shawna also had breast cancer.  Due to increasing medical bills, the Farina family was unable to make the necessary repairs to maintain the home where they resided. 

In October of 2006, EMC participated as a consultant during Season 4 of ABC’s Extreme Makeover – Home Edition.  EMC, along with multiple contractors from the tri-state area, teamed up with Kerstiens Homes and Designs, Inc. of Jasper, Indiana, to demolish and construct a new home for the Farina family in St. Meinrad, Indiana. 

For more details and pictures of the Farina Family episode, which aired in November of 2006, go to the Exteme Makeover Home Edition website.