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Industrial Compliance

Industrial Compliance

The Problem

The recent focus of federal, state and local regulations pertaining to environmental and worker safety issues has impacted virtually every facet of industrial operations. Industry today is subject to an increasing number of broader and stricter environmental and safety regulations and, as if these mandates weren't taxing enough, future legislation promises to be even more stringent.  Like it or not, environmental regulations are here to stay, and the adverse effects of environmental regulatory noncompliance can no longer be ignored.  Environmental issues have become part of the business equation, and effective management of regulatory compliance factors is often crucial to continuing corporate profitability.  Yet many companies may lack the expertise within their management staff to effectively deal with the complexities of the rapidly evolving regulations. That's where Environmental Management Consultants, Inc. (EMC) comes in.

The Solution

EMC has developed an affordable Environmental Compliance Screening (ECS) program designed to identify specific areas of potential environmental noncompliance within your operation. Although lacking the level of detail employed in a full environmental audit, the ECS program serves to promote your company's awareness of its compliance status regarding the most commonplace industrial environmental regulations. Following the completion of the ECS program, you and your company will know which environmental regulations are applicable to your business as well as the general compliance requirements for those applicable regulations.  This information could save you thousands of dollars in fines, administrative red tape, and adverse publicity.

What We Will Do

Our professional staff will work directly with your appropriate managerial and record keeping personnel.  The data gathering and operations inspection portions of the ECS program can normally be performed in a day or less.  Obtained information will be professionally reviewed and evaluated with respect to the present and projected requirements of the listed regulations, and a concise report detailing the environmental compliance findings along with appropriate recommendations will be prepared.  Our aim is to augment your management effort by providing you with the expertise needed to comply with all applicable environmental and safety regulations in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.  All services are handled in a discreet manner, and any and all information obtained in the course of the EMC's work shall be kept fully confidential.

Why Act Now

EMC's collective staff experience in dealing with a variety of industrial compliance issues over the course of the past twenty-five years supports the following observation: "When management is aware of a problem before it is brought to their attention by the regulatory authority, the opportunity exists to integrate appropriate long term business planning on their schedule.  However, should an operation be found to be in non-compliance by the regulatory authority, the operation will be placed on a compliance schedule.  This schedule is traditionally imposed with little or no consideration to the operation in terms of cost, timing, business objectives or existing resources."  The ECS program is designed to minimize the likelihood for the latter scenario.  Implementation of the ECS program will enable you to identify areas of potentially devastating environmental noncompliance or overlooked environmental regulations, and allow you to develop strategic planning, options and schedules to best address the situation.  Additionally, the ECS program represents a professional, independent opinion that may serve as an instrument of reassurance for your present programs which you may currently feel meet regulatory compliance.  The bottom line is that your company will be able to operate more efficiently and profitably by narrowing the focus of your environmental management effort.

Speak to one of our project managers today by phone or e-mail for a confidential, no cost evaluation of your site.